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CURRENT VERSION: Total Mayhem 8.1.5

released 3rd June, 2020


  1. If you do not have the TADemo recorder, or the community patch, or Total Mayhem 6.9.2 installed, install one of these first (the simplest is the recorder only).
  2. any one of these installed will be fine.
  3. Unzip the contents of into your TOTALA install folder. It will overwrite some files, so best back it up first.
  4. Play.
If your game will not run on Windows 10 use this: (187 KB) More info and help you can find on the #TOTALMAYHEM channel on the TAU Official Discord.

G2 Scudd Precluder Smasher
Devastator Ant Prescient XLR General Moho Exploiter
Little John Assassin Adonis Tormentor
Odyssey Skycruiser Nuclear Bomber Nuclear Bomber Oracle Skycruiser
Epoch Prophet Omen Magnate
Samurai Mofo Drake Krogoth Harbinger Broadsword

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