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Unit showcase - posted by gamma - Tue 12 Mar 2024, 1:46 AM - 1 Comment

Here's an updated array of the units in the upcoming version... Lots of updated pix. This includes almost all of the added units, plus some of the redone pics of original (OTA) Cavedog units.

Alongside this big update of unit improvements and balancing is a new patch upcoming with lots of gameplay and QOL enhancements... stay tuned.

New unit pics! New version incoming! - posted by gamma - Sat 2 Mar 2024, 8:52 PM - 0 Comments

Work is still ongoing on probably one of the oldest mods in existence... Total Mayhem continues. New eyecandy from the upcoming version:

From left to right: Arm Impala (disruptor tank - noexplode weapon), Core T3 Walking Construction Sub (amphibious), Arm Banisher (T3 gunship), Core Harbinger (T3 Siege Artillery Tank), Arm Invincible (T3 Battlecruiser), Core Neptune (T3 Capital Sub), Arm G2 (T3 artillery tank), Core Proteus (T3 Amphibious Riot Tank), Arm Odin (T2 Fast Assault Kbot), Arm T3 Metal Making Fusion

Arm Samurai and Core Broadsword, T3 flagship hovertanks

We are playing test versions currently on the TA Forever gaming client. Join us on Discord if you want to take part.

[M]ayhem Maps - posted by gamma - Mon 21 Aug 2023, 4:38 AM - 2 Comments

A growing number of maps are now being added for MAYHEM in the TA Forever database...

Come join us on the TA Forever gaming client, Mayhem TA games played daily! Available at

[M]ayhem MAPS

Gameplay video thanks to BreezyCasts™ - posted by gamma - Sun 27 Nov 2022, 8:07 AM - 1 Comment

Still hard at work playtesting and making final fixes and balance tweaks. Thanks very much to Breezy for doing this cast! Epic 2v2 showcasing a lot of new units.

click to watch on youtube


Total Mayhem 10: release this November, or Soon™ - posted by gamma - Wed 19 Oct 2022, 10:58 PM - 18 Comments

Ok, so yes I DID say there would be an official release in September, and apologies for the elay.

But there are some good reasons for the delay. Here are a couple of those reasons.

Arm Hamster Core Orthrus

Total Mayhem 10: release this September - posted by gamma - Wed 31 Aug 2022, 3:42 AM - 6 Comments

Well, a group of us have been beavering away, feverishly playtesting a new version, and it's nearing a point where we'd like a wider audience.

What's new?

  • balance had diverged over time from the way TA was originally - for no good reason, really. This version goes back to the way TA was, and back to the whole point of doing a "rebalance": just makes all the units useful. Thanks very much to ProTA being an excellent reference point for this.
  • The Spider and Tortoise labs are gone :( owing to being impossible to balance (spiders all-terrain, tortoises amphibious...) But some of them still remain in the other T2 land plants, and other new units have been added to fill gaps.
  • Overall the 200+ added units feel like much more of a cohesive part of TA, and it plays like TA with a couple of extra expansion packs added :)

Stay tuned...

Total Mayhem on youtube! - posted by gamma - Wed 28 Oct 2020, 12:05 AM - 2 Comments

Been a while since an update. New version is incoming! With actually less units! And better balancing!

About a month ago I started this channel with a mixture of playthroughs vs AI on various maps live, and commentary on online multiplayer replays.

Total Mayhem on youtube

Enjoy :)

TOTAL MAYHEM 8.1.5 is out! Official release - posted by gamma - Fri 5 Jun 2020, 9:08 AM - 1 Comment

This version has been out in the wild a couple days and has been played pretty heavily online.

While it's still a work in progress, it's definitely hella fun, and with the megamap/w-key/ctrl-b/ctrl-f etc issues fixed and it being stable and quite well balanced I figured best get this out there.

Download here:

Total Mayhem 8.1.5 19.2MB.

Info, instructions and other links on the Total Mayhem page.

A pic of some Tier 3 tanks having an intimate moment here.
Mayhem T3 tanks


Hope to see you online on Gameranger and Discord.

Total Mayhem Tournament!! ??? - posted by gamma - Mon 18 May 2020, 4:34 AM - 0 Comments

Mayhem player and general hardcore gamer Poseidon372 wants to get a tournament going.

I'm happy to support this, and will look at doing a "tournament release" which will be based on the current version with any bugfixes and glaring balance issues ironed out well before the tournament starts.

Lets get this happening. Who's in? You think you're the best?? Let us know in his poll here.

Official release: TOTAL MAYHEM 8.1.2 get it nowwwwwww. - posted by gamma - Sun 17 May 2020, 12:53 PM - 3 Comments

Here it is.

Great to see this finally at a stage where I can call it an official release. Enjoy!

Total Mayhem 8.1.2

See the Total Mayhem page for download link and info.

There's been plenty of online action with this version already. Visit the Total Mayhem 8.1.2 replays thread to check them out, and share yours!

Might see you on Gameranger.

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