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***Renewed activity detected - posted by gamma - Wed 18 Apr 2018, 11:49 PM - 44 Comments

So what happened? We were nearing release, and then... nothing, for 3 years.

What happened was the custom dll that Rime was working on proved to be unstable, and it would require a lot of work to troubleshoot it, and then our day jobs and other demands on our time resulted in abandonment of the project for a time. Quite a long time.

I've returned to finally finish it. But to do that means pulling the unstable dll out, and rolling back all of the changes that utilise that dll, then use "legacy" methods to do what I can to make it all happen.

I'm already a fair way into that work.. Removing all of that special scripting is done, and I'm on the second phase of that work: to make all the units available and working properly. Only one unit will need to go entirely: the hive moho upgrade. I loved that unit concept and it largely worked great, but I also had a bit of feedback that it didn't really "fit" with the rest of the mod anyway. So it's gone. The rest will be in there though...

In addition, a LOT of units are getting a rebalance. For one, Tortoises are woefully underpowered, and most will get a speed boost (still very slow, just not extremely slow anymore) a number of L2 tanks get tougher, plus a lot of other little tweaks to all tiers.

I've already got a bit of help. You're welcome to join in, even if it's to just playtest pre-release versions. Join us on the TAU discord #total-mayhem channel. :)

Expect a stable release in the coming weeks...

Nearing release at long last... - posted by gamma - Wed 7 Jan 2015, 10:12 AM - 13 Comments

Including M1Garland's favourite creation! Now with new walk by Idec Sdawkminn, torpedo launchers and a gun that gets put away for extra toughness while not in use (such as when underwater).

Total Mayhem 7.3 after many many hours of work and playtesting will be ready for an official release in the coming weeks.

Other features are many... other new units include mass air transports, 3 full tiers of hovercraft, and a plethora of upgradeable structures.

Coming soon to a TA near you. |)

Get your Total Mayhem 7.06 here! - posted by gamma - Sat 26 Apr 2014, 9:08 AM - 84 Comments

Total Mayhem 7

Okay, so our installer guy is not available yet, so in the meantime here is an update to Total Mayhem with all the latest goodies:

  • totally revamped GUI, better looking, no more separate "Orders" and "Build" menus for builders.
  • early-game economy big improvements!
  • new buildings: advanced storages, radar jammer towers, advanced armed geothermal generators, advanced armed tidal generators, dragon's eye sight towers.
  • shield generator buildings (see pic below).
  • new Tortoises (radar/sonar, radar jammer, kamikaze)!
  • new aircraft, new tanks too!
  • 25 new units added*in total (including mobiles and buildings).
  • bugfixes, balance tweaks, and 3D model improvements to the look of a bunch of units.
Download here! (15.5Mb)

  1. If you haven't already, install Total Mayhem 6.92 first (if you haven't got it, , this will include the new TA unofficial patch 3.9.02 with a bunch of new features (double-click units, CTRL_F, CTRL_B, mouse-wheel to a MEGAMAP, lots more).
  2. Then, unzip this download into your TOTALA\Total Mayhem folder. Replace existing files when prompted.

Note: If you are running Windows 8, or Windows 7 with NVidia graphics, and have trouble running the game, you will need this hotfix (just unzip to your Total Mayhem folder, overwriting existing files).

Get downloading! And feel free to join us on Gameranger for some games online. :)

New release imminent! - posted by gamma - Fri 17 Jan 2014, 2:19 AM - 28 Comments

Still getting things together for the next release. In the meantime, Here's another teaser!

All added units

Pics of all 168 units added by Total Mayhem.

What with a few being removed, that adds up to a total of 462 units... As you can see to add another race we're going to go well over the original engine limit of 512. Thank heaven for the new unofficial patch :)

I'll just put this here... - posted by gamma - Fri 27 Dec 2013, 11:52 AM - 5 Comments

next release very soon.

Total Mayhem banner

Check out the list of changes and updates from the previous version here.

I have found some time to finally put the finishing touches to this version. Happy holiday season everyone ;)

Rethinking the interface - posted by gamma - Tue 29 Oct 2013, 3:05 AM - 2 Comments

Well I'm sure a few people have been wondering: why 7.0 isn't out already?

The reason is because we want the next version to be extra awesome.

Thanks to the persistent demands of user OutSanity and some helpful feedback from several users including N72, the user interface for builders (both mobile builders and factories) has been undergoing a transformation.

The problem: needing to switch to the "Orders" menu to give reclaim, repair or capture orders, or to cloak the commander, or to change standing orders for moving and firing. Then switch back to the "Build" menu to give build orders.

Requirements: do this while including 10 build buttons, and fitting a vertical height of 600 pixels. Yeah not many people use 800x600 resolution anymore, nor do many play TA on netbook resolutions of 1024x600 either. But for some reason I don't want to cut out TA for these people.

For bonus points: also make the interface clearer and easier to use - potentially making use of that thing with 100 or so buttons next to your mouse (key. board?)

The solution: Spend hours shrinking buttons and reworking pixels. Underline shortcut keys for everything.

This is what it'll look like ingame.


Already working on the next version... - posted by gamma - Wed 9 Oct 2013, 12:06 PM - 37 Comments

Well it's only been a few days, but the response and feedback has been great. At the time of writing this newspost, Total Mayhem is rated 9th out of 20,793 mods on ModDB!

Thanks to some helpful input from online players I'm looking to the next version already. Some things we have in store for you:
  • Fixed Nuke bombers... These are currently broken in 6.92 - a weapon conflict means they do not nuke.
  • New advanced storages and jammer towers for L2.
  • Targeting facilities will move to L3 - but will get cheaper.
  • The return of the Core Behemoth advanced geothermal cannon, and a geothermal rocket silo for Arm.
  • Some script fixing that should allow heavier tanks to perform better when under fire.
  • After changes to pitch aiming speeds to reduce units' tendency to fire on aircraft, some units (notably Peewees) are very slow to bring up their guns, taking several seconds - will be fixed in next version.
  • Height adjustments so that Chainsaw and Archgun can fire over fort walls.
  • Capital ships and mobile fortresses will get a big damage boost - and cost adjustments.
  • Mobile artillery may get a tweak or two. Could be a little bit too good right now.
  • Check aim scripts on Arm Invincible battlecruiser - and Direwolf. Both still seem a little sticky
  • Reduce or remove rock-when-hit scripts from most if not all units - causing lockups/paralysis when under fire, and removing this disadvantage for tanks, that are supposed to be tougher for the cost.
  • Shorten self-destruct countdown on metal extractors - so easier to level up
  • Check armour of T3 units - ensure they are consistent, a couple seem like they could be a little tougher
  • Floating Advanced Hoverplants not buildable at the moment, doh. Checking of other build menus necessary
  • A fair bit of other spit and polish.

This is enough changes to justify a version number increment to version 7. The plan is to complete this in the next week or so. The more useful feedback we get the better it will be, So get playing! See if you can spot any other room for improvement before then.

TLL is a little further off... in fact, on the horizon. So it makes sense to plan that for version 8. This wont be for a couple more months, most likely next year.

For version 7, the Advanced storages are already done... pictured below. They will fit about tenfold the storage of the tier 1 storages into a small footprint (not much more than a tier 1 storage), both energy AND metal, and will be cloakable.

Arm Advanced Storage Core Advanced Storage

Total Mayhem 6.9 is here. Big big updates! - posted by gamma - Wed 2 Oct 2013, 8:50 PM - 31 Comments

Total Mayhem 6.9 is a major milestone. Just in time for the 16th anniversary of the release date of Total Annihilation. Has it really been that long?

- more than 3 dozen units added, completing the L3 suite of factories, mobiles and structures.
- several changes to L1 economy should mean early game is much quicker compared to 6.8.
- Arm now has 11 units with EMGs and no red lasers on mobile units!
- the Core Beetle is FINALLY added.

Most of all though, Total Mayhem 6.9 is now packaged with a full installer and integrated with the TA Unofficial Patch 3.9.02. Thanks very much to project manager N72, installing Total Mayhem just got a whole lot easier.

Note: The below download, if you don't already have the patch, will also download and install the patch resources and the 3.9.02 patch as required. The total filesize is about 200mb. Future updates will be much smaller once you have this installed.

Download here: TOTALM_b692.exe (27mb)

Windows 8 and 10 users if you are having trouble starting the game, or it is laggy: unzip this hotfix into your Total Mayhem folder.

Total Mayhem 6.9 banner

More info about this update to Total Mayhem can be found here

More info about the TA Unofficial Patch can be found here (yep, looooots more info. The array of enhancements added to TA is stunning).

One of the big good-news stories about this is the patch manager allows automatic updates. So once you have Total Mayhem installed you will always be able to update to the latest version available.

So what are you waiting for?! Get yerself some Total Mayhem!

As always, comments and feedback welcome: click here.

Total Mayhem 6.8! Mostly tweak release - posted by gamma - Tue 21 May 2013, 2:41 PM - 48 Comments

This is kind of a sneak preview before the prelude to the main event, as it were. If you follow my meaning. No? Then read on...

In this version 6.8:
  • Underwater metal extractors get torpedo upgrades.
  • New Extra-long range T3 radar towers.
  • The Arm Direwolf giant walking Annihilator fido, and the Moose artillery hovercraft.
  • The Core Mammoth Artillery tank, Viceroy Artillery hovertank and the Core Replenisher, an air repair Tortoise (as a counterpart to the Arm MARS Mobile Air Repair Spider).
  • A few bugs fixed, including a bunch of minor script SNAFUs and the Ambusher super-short buildtime (thanks Psycros for spotting that).
  • Aircraft are now much safer from non-air units - they have been doubled in armour and AA weapons now do double damage vs aircraft - meaning non-AA weapons are halved in effectiveness.
  • Also all non-air weapon turret aim scripts have had their vertical aiming speed reduced by half or more, meaning responsiveness in aiming up at aircraft is much slower.
  • On the flip side... Line bombing has been reduced in effectiveness. After their initial payload of 6-10 bombs, bombs will be dropped at increased intervals of up to half a second. That means you can still linebomb, but it wont be the same endless line of destruction.
  • T2 radar and sonar aircraft have had a big upgrade: extra armour, visibility, speed and manueverability. Still much slower than Peepers and Finks, but they should actually be useful as spy planes now.
  • Rapiers now fire rockets in bursts of 3, with a higher damage output. Better vs larger targets, but tend to miss smaller targets a bit - such as the Commander.
  • The L2 units which have AA missiles as secondary weapon have had their AA weapon nerfed a bit.
  • The Capital Ships have been nerfed a bit - 20% less armour and 10% more cost. They are still waaaaay scary, don't you worry.

In addition, there have been quite a few changes since the last version of Total Mayhem.
  • Consistent metal output of all constructors and factories. Now you will know exactly how much metal you're using and there will be no surprises. A lot of energy costs have been adjusted too, not to a constant level but there shouldn't be too much extreme energy drain.
  • A lot of units are gone :( some them I will miss... but the ones that were removed were either redundant with other units, or were removed to increase side diversity. Some of them may yet be added back in again in improved form.
  • The Spider Pack 2012 and the Tortoise Pack are included, hooray! :D

For a big list of other changes since the last version (in the sideline project known as TAA) visit this topic.

Planned for the next release, 6.9 (the prelude): Experimental Aircraft, Advanced Hovercraft, moho upgrades, Jammer towers and LOS towers.
For the release after that, 7.0 (the main event): the revamped race from long ago, The Lost Legacy by M3G. Who knows when that will happen ;)

So in the meantime, have fun with the latest installment of Total Mayhem, 6.8.

Download here (, 13.5Mb, rev31.gp3 file only).

With thanks to contributors for helping out with bits and pieces and giving some useful feedback: SnakeInTheMirror, M1Garland, Doombowser and PlasmoidThunder.

Site updates, and Total Mayhem Unit Data pages! - posted by gamma - Wed 8 May 2013, 4:08 AM - 1 Comment

A couple of minor changes to the site... you'll notice the sidebar has a few new links added (and some old ones removed). The TA Wiki, Xubor's units site and TA SECT are now available from the sidebar.

The sidebar also includes a link to the current Spider Pack! Yay!

There has also been some updates to the Total Mayhem page...

...including the addition of the Total Mayhem Unit Data Pages. They are current as of now, the unreleased version sitting on my hard drive. Enjoy!

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