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HPI Replace   HAPI Archive viewing and editing program
By: The_Spider
Version: 1.4

Download full version with VB Runtimes here: Hpir14full.zip (2.3Mb)
If you already have the VB Runtimes, you can download the 'lite' version here: Hpir14min.zip (335kb)


Descent 3 texture pack   D3 Textures to use in 3do builder
By: Lord Tangaroa

Download the main pack here: Descent 3 Textures.zip (110kb)
Download the camo pack here: Descent 3 Camo Textures (49kb)


Map Tilesets   Tilesets to use for designing your own maps
By: Lord Tangaroa

Adamante-Green Transitions (2.9 Mb)
Archipelago shallow water-land transitions (3.4 Mb)
Archipelago shallow-deep water transitions (469 kb)

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